Are you one of the 80% of Americans with back problems?
Do you have joint problems?
Are you recovering from an operation or injury?
Are you afraid of falling or have stability issues?

Rehabilitative water excercise is being offered in a warm water therapy pool (94 degrees) by Cynthia Brooks, who is certified by the Aquatic Therapy Institute, Hydro Pilates, and Silver Splash; and who also has a Masters Degree in Physical Education. Cynthia is committed to enhancing her clients' lives and has been doing water exercise for over 25 years.

Water exercise clients say their water rehabilitation has been nothing short of miraculous. They are able to move in the water with much more freedom than on land, and their posture and gait improve significantly.

I teach people how to strengthen, stretch, and improve balance, as well as work on gait training and extensive "back hab". Relaxation methods such as Ai Chi and Watsu are also used.

The pool itself is 4'6" deep and includes a treadmill, resistance jets, and a massage wand. It is also equipped with gymnastics parallel bars that allow for doing Hydro Pilates exercises. People that can barely move on land experience real joy in the water simply by moving, and for this reason more and more doctors are recommending that their patients try it because of the buoyancy and resistance properties of water.

Rehabilitative water exercises improve overall fitness levels by increasing flexibility (range of motion) and muscular strength. Being in water allows for ease of movement, making it an ideal activity for those with joint problems or other conditions that may prevent them from engaging in other forms of exercise. Folks who are recovering from an injury or surgery find aquatic exercise especially beneficial.